Young Professionals’ Guide to Financial Literacy — Part 2: Job Offers

Receive and understand job offers with confidence

Kairsten Fay


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Previously on Young Professionals’ Guide to Financial Literacy…

In Part 1, we covered some of the basics of financial literacy: budgeting, planning for your future, investing, saving strategies, and more. We discussed how to increase compensation from your current job including 401(k) matching and other employee perks. While we can pick apart the various ways to squeeze money out of your current situation, the best way to earn (and therefore, save) more money is usually to get a new job.

Here, in Part 2, we will discuss how to receive amazing job offers and analyze their components.

Getting the job offer

Finding a new job is one of the surest ways to increase your total compensation. It circumvents any company drama or politics surrounding promotion cycles.

To get a new job, you first need to grab the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager. Achieve this with a well-written resume and by leveraging your professional networks.

After you submit an application that passes the initial recruiter screen, there are two major ways to secure high job offers: do well in the interviews and negotiate.

Resume writing

Resume advice has been extensively covered elsewhere. In short, the key elements I keep in mind when writing my resume are to:

  • Use strong and active, not passive, verbs.
  • Use “I” over “we” as much as possible. Be honest about your accomplishments. Now is not the time for humility.
  • Don’t include every detail from each job you’ve held. Think not only about where you’ve been, but where you want to go.
  • Use the job experience section of your resume to tell a story. Don’t list random facts about your duties. Instead, demonstrate your growth by weaving a tale of increased responsibilities and impact over time.
  • Include key words that automated job screeners query for. These are often listed in the job description’s desired skills section…



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